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Ultimate guide to travel & stay SAFE

How to stay out of trouble and safe, will save your mothers stress levels and even the ones closest to you, Not to mention yourself, you will have a lot more enjoyable experience travelling with these 14 top tips. I am giving you these tips from one traveller to another fellow traveller, you. Being prepared is already a step of being more safe on your journey and that is what we are going to dive into today.

Ways to keep you safe on your travels and must do hacks to keep in mind

  • flashing valuables tells it all and makes you an easy target for pocket pickers

  • insurance ! You might be lucky enough for not having to easy use it but it is better to be safe than sorry

  • Looking lost and touristic in general will draw attention to you

  • planning ahead before getting out of the house, getting stressed in the middle of your day will draw your focus off the most important thing - yourself and your safety

  • vaccines, is like planning and making sure you've taken care of everything. Fun fact - some people are immune to Hepatitis B vaccine, including myself. MAybe it's not so fun fact, but just to keep in mind even vaccines won't always keep you well and safe.

  • Arriving after dark to a destination you've never been before. In general it's always more dangerous to be out and about in the early hours of morning and late in the evening

  • First Aid Kit and knowing the local emergency number and knowing at least one phone number by heart (mother, sister, father, friend but someone you can count on to bail you out of anything). First Aid Kit should also include some medicine for pain and headaches and for us women a few safety tampons.

  • Telling people you're travelling alone can be a dangerous game if heard by a person with wrong intentions. You can always say that your friend or your fake boyfriend is coming later if you start to feel uncertain in any situation.

  • And the opposite of not telling your friends and family where you're travelling to

  • LEARN TO SAY NO and be comfortable with it. Even if you ever just want to walk away from a situation just do it and don't feel like you need to explain anything

  • Being aware of your surroundings, for example being aware of your belongings and the people around you. Looking like you're sharp and focused makes you also less of a target

  • Do not and I repeat, do not carry loads of cash. Get more cash as you go and if using card as a payment method, it's often worth using credit instead of debit. It's like an insurance for you money staying safe.

  • Using travel locks on your luggage and wrapping your purse around your wrist as you walk or sit in a cafeteria. Self explanatory, nobody can gaffle those valuables off you. Backpack are usually easy target for pocket thieves. Also, don't put anything valuable out of your hands even for the second, that's the second it will be gone. I was once paying for a coffee on a automated machine and l had my little coin bag to pay with. The coffee was ready and l needed to use two of my hands to put the lid on the coffee cup so l putted the coin bag just on my left side. At the same time my boyfriend says my name and l looked left where he was and back to right where my coin bag was... or wasn't there anymore. I knew that coin bag did not contain anything valuable so l did not treat it as valuable, but here you see how fast your stuff will be gone in an instant, with little distractions of life.

  • Cabs and ubers are pretty safe, but there are few things to notice. Only use cabs that are registered and not shouting offers at you outside of an airport. Legal taxi drivers are always happy to show you their details, whereas non-lawful taxi drivers are usually the ones outside airport giving you 'a good deal for your journey' can be safe but are more risky than the legal taxi drivers. With Uber, it's always important to hear your name from the driver, because they have it and if they don't have your name and order details this ride is not for you. So ask 'who is this for' and expect to hear YOUR name being said. The risk comes from the fact that usually people waiting for a ride on the street, look exactly as if they are waiting for a ride and that can be used against you.

This is the end of the list and l hope you are truly staying safe through these tips. Save this as a bookmark so you can re-read through these tips always before your next trip, to stay safe!

Leave any comments about your experiences regarding safety of travelling solo or as a group, so that we can together keep all of us safe !



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