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  • Elena Elviira

Travelling Solo To Where-ever & When-ever

One of the best reasons to go solo travel is if nobody else has the time, money and interest to jump on with you to book that plane ticket. If you're passionate about travelling and want to see places, what are you waiting for. These days, people can be very busy or not have the flexibility to join you. As great as it is to travel and share a travel experience with somebody, you might be surprised how good it is to travel on your own. You will enjoy many places, foods and cultures. You enjoy and take in those places differently, your experience will be different but just as enjoyable. If you keep putting of a plan and waiting to find a travel companion, you might still one day go but that time again is taken away from another travel plan.

Let's say you have 20 plus places you want to visit (sounds like a lot but trust me you have that many, just dig your brain haha..) So Let's say you have those 20 places written down that you definitely want to go to. All of these beautiful places you've written down, will someday hopefully be fulfilled. Later in life, you don't want to have the regret of not going. It's always harder to regret what-ifs and what-could-have-beens. Take the chance now, cause you don't know how your life is planning out to be. Five years from now you might be in your dream job or wanting to get a baby or too busy with your daily life that you only travel once a year, even if that. Nothing wrong with that, but if you have the time NOW, don't wait for somebody else. If you keep waiting, your life commitments might become bigger, and those 20 places take heck of a lot longer time to visit then. Go now, get a head start for your own life. Go solo, others are too busy. Some places you will even find the need to visit twice, take your travel-bud with you then.

I know some places are better visited with a companion, due to romantic, safety or pure fun and enjoyment reasons. These places are still good to have on your list and solo travel is not necessarily bravely choosing to go alone and finding yourself lost in these places you wanted to visit with someone else. Nothing wrong with saving that romantic Greece or Paris trip and as much as it can be bravely going your own and about stepping out of your comfort zone. It can be about choosing to go, when no one else is there to go with you. Be your own solo travel-buddy. I love travelling alone and l love travelling with people. When you travel with people you love, don't take me wrong it is amazing but don't wait for them, go enjoy yourself too. Going alone is always better than no trip at all. Sometimes travelling solo is exactly what you need and you can find it so enjoyable.

You might be worried that travelling to 2-3 different places every year requires a lot of money, but do what you can, travel to 1 place per year. Work towards your dreams. I think money placed on travel, education or hobbies is never a penny wasted. Just use it wisely and plan ahead !

For me, my first solo travel, was a big step. I travelled to Sydney, Australia, first time ever solo. Typical travel to the other side of the world trip from cold antarctic Finland to sunny beachy Australia !



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