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  • Elena Elviira

TO DO list before heading to Australia

Working Holiday Visa. Should you go? If you're all the way here reading about it, YES GO! !

Usually we just want something to do in life and what better way to 'waste' your time than living life itself. There might be something stopping you, and you can always find a reason not to go, but do not hold back for too long, otherwise you might regret. I had the best year of my life, not just because of the amazing travel l got to do but the fact how much l changed as a person, and that changed my life!

Applying for the visa 365: It is easy to do it yourself, there is no need to pay for agencies to do it for you, it is more simple than you think. Step one: go to Australian government website and search the visa you want to apply for. Step two: apply, submit and pay. Then you wait, takes anything from 1 minute to 2 months to get your visa accepted. It can take longer but this seems to be the usual time frame for visa acceptance. Also a bit of an advice, it seems like you must have a certain amount of money on your bank account when entering the country with a working holiday visa, but I haven't heard too many people even have been checked for that!

The first step of going to Australia is done, congratzz darling, prepare for the time of your life. Also, by booking a one-way flight ticket gives you a bit more freedom to go as you please. You might not be able to predict in what part of Australia you'll be a year after arriving. I was in Brisbane and flew from there to New Zealand, back to Australia and then to Bali and Japan, before heading home to Finland. There are so many destinations between your home country and Australia. Unless you're from New Zealand, you're already a lucky gal, what a beautiful country you have. Since you’re already Australia, why fly straight back home? It might not even save you money to book open return ticket, they tend to be quite expensive anyway. There is always flights to book back home.

Second thing that l was worrying was will l get a job and what on earth am l even doing here. I wasn't very sure! Next thing to do is to book a hostel for your first week of Australia, and week is enough. That will give you time to settle in and understand where you are. After that you can always book and change hostels or stay at the same one. There are so so many hostels open and available, especially in big cities. Also, it's good idea to join Australia backpacker groups on facebook, people are constantly looking for people to travel with and meet. Finding a job: there is a lot of jobs and you will end up working more than you hoped for because of the high pay rates lol. After all, you want to explore Australia and get everything out of your experience.

Are you perhaps not the most confident with your English or is your level of English quite fluent. Well the good news is, no matter of your accent or level of English, it will only get better. Little proof of that here. I met a friend whose English was not the best and maybe he was a bit afraid even to speak English. But after 3 weeks of travelling together his English got almost into the level of excellent. That was only because he was forced to speak another language and not spend time with his friends from the same country. So try also not to spend time talking with people from your home country. I used to think and still do, why would you travel so far only to speak with the people who come from same country as you.

Also, make sure your passport is valid through the whole year and at least 6 more months after you've spend the year in Australia. This will allow you to enter countries and even transfer in certain airports. Same goes to credit and debit cards, have them valid throughout the year and your travels. Let your bank know the countries you're travelling to, so they won't close your card. Easy and cheap way to transfer money is though currencyfair or transferwise. Look into Revolut as well (an actual Visa card with currency ), fast without fees and has worked well for me in different countries.

Next step will be backing your backpack and buying few essentials possibly. I packed away my whole life into boxes and left them in Finland. Some people will sell their belongings which is not a bad idea at all !

After all this, it's time to tell your family and friends the latest, so you can throw a good farewell party!

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