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  • Elena Elviira

Struggling With Your Fitness Journey?

Whatever your goal is and no matter how much information there is, it seems to be quite hard for many of us to trust the process and we just wait that once our goal is reached that it should somehow bring us happiness. But it should be so much more than that, it's about enjoying every step.

It can be disheartening to not understand what am l doing wrong and not seeing remarkable results. But every healthy choice is making something for your body and every workout does something good for you, even if it's just learning. Your journey, is just about finding a way to make it work for you and those results are coming I promise, even when you don't see them. It just takes time and consistency and resilience. I used to think l am trying to achieve something that my body simply just is not capable of. Until all of the pieces started to fall into place l started to gain trust in the process and started to see the slow grinding results. It was many small changes that took me at least a year to figure out.

I might not have reached my goal yet, in matter of muscle building, but I reached my many many small goals along the way that l am proud of. One being particularly important, being healthy and happy. Let go of whatever self doubt is holding you back and let yourself enjoy what you're doing.


It bothers me that there is so much controversial information saying that the process takes years or this is the magical solution to get from a to b. All of that will just make you more confused to understand what it takes or how am l suppose to train. But let me put it this way, it does not require that much crazy stuff, if any, it's all about just small changes, that you can start today. I was always disheartened by the fact that I work so hard but l get nothing in return. But in reality, it took small changes, to reach any bigger goal.

You don't need that yes-l-can attitude, all you need to do is to enjoy the journey and take enjoyment of the small little changes you're able to do along the way! Those small changes will take you slowly to the understanding of the process.

Fitness is different for everybody and that is what we should focus on. Our bodies and genes work differently. What's best for me, might not be best for you. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a goal.


I started to go to gym when l wanted to lose weight and have something else than a pancake butt. That did not take me far, as my motivation was external and did not come from inside. What l mean with this, l just had a goal that needed to be achieved and l was not taking pleasure or understanding of the process. That made me eat wrong, train wrong, you name it.

But somewhere along the way l found a way!

It's a step by step progress, in which you learn about yourself and your body. You learn what makes you feel good. Most importantly, how to just enjoy and trust the process.

You're doing everything you can. And only next day you can do more.

We, as humans, can only ever change few things at a time. If you completely change everything, you're going to drain yourself and stop your progress altogether. The key is to add/change few habits at a time and let your body and mind adapt to those changes before overwhelming it with something new again. And so the process begins. Work hard for it but don't get overwhelmed.


Small steps l have made to reach my lifestyle around fitness and health:

  • started to focus on necessary vitamins

  • learned to listen to my body

  • started going to gym 3 times a week

  • started going to gym 5 times a week

  • started having a deload weeks (important to give your body a rest)

  • not punishing myself for mistakes or 'bad' workouts

  • not eating chocolate everyday

  • eating chocoo in moderation (until PMS hits me l can not help it okay..)

  • started to count my macros

  • understood balanced diet doesn't require counting macros

  • learned individual calories of foods (meaning, l could quickly count in my head the calories of each meal to make sure l am eating enough)

  • started to eat enough protein (no more than 1,62g/kg is required by science)

  • stopped over training (sometimes 2h gym session is simply just too long)

  • got more efficient with my workouts (spend less time at the gym)

  • started to eat +2000 calories (I used to think eating 1400 calories is enough foe me to build muscle)

  • I understood that by training harder you can eat loads more (heightening metabolic stress and demands)(PLUS more muscle mass burns more calories throughout the day)

  • eating big breakfast, up to 700 kcal is what l aim for sometimes

  • understood concept of progressive overload

  • healthy meal prepping

  • gave myself rest days

  • started lifting HEAVY

  • made sure l always carry a healthy snack

  • added stretching to my routine

  • changed from cardio type warmup (5-30min) to muscle activation type of warmup (takes 2-7min)

  • doing different compounds of exercises

  • reduced rest time between sets

  • learned new exercise (takes skills and time to learn) to add to my workout plan

  • added supersets and resistance bands to my training

  • started drinking enough of water

  • added necessary salt and oil to my food (especially virgin olive oil)

  • understood that not every workout needs to be super intense for it to be effective


as you can see it takes a lot of changes and learning (I've probably even forgot to name a few ) to achieve a lifestyle. If you're making only one to three changes at a time, it's easier to adopt those habits to your daily lifestyle. I understood l am only doing my best and that's all l can ask for now. This is your journey! I am sure you're only making changes !

Knowing your goal allows you to do necessary changes

and understand what those changes might be.

It's good to ask yourself a few questions:

What can l do better just today or this week?

What habit have l started to do well?

Am l lifting heavy to build muscle?

Am l eating correctly to my fitness goal?

Do l drink water enough?

Do you hate going to the gym? Allow yourself to spend max 30 minutes at the gym.



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