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9 safest destinations to travel solo

It can be daunting to know whether a certain place or country is safe to travel to. All countries may have a region that is not so safe, but usually us tourists wouldn't even find ourselves from those places. This list will give you an idea about how to choose your safest travel destinations.

This is going to be a brief look of all the safest destinations to travel solo as a female. Also consider reading the ultimate guide on staying safe on your travels, including 14 different steps, they will help you a lot.

And I gotta say, what a brave woman you are. You really know how to live your best life. Travelling solo makes you grow so much as person and it teaches you about yourself more than you can think of. There's parts in you that even you haven't yet discovered, until you've travelled solo to these places.

Here we go !


Sounds a bit obvious, but it's definitely worth mentioning. It is probably the most recommended places to travel solo as your first solo trip. There are many other backpackers just like you, no matter of your back round, you will find similar people or different to you. It is relatively easy place to get around and very simplistic, you can find everything and anything online. This is the place where you learn what kind of traveller you are and what do you prefer. This is the place to boost up your confidence to travel solo and perhaps even to learn to speak english more fluently.

New Zealand

the next door neighbour to Australia, one flight away. This is the place you will want to visit again so plan to stay here longer than you already have planned. I plan to travel back here some day - l did not get enough of this magical place. The people are the most welcoming, kindhearted souls you will ever meet in your life. They will help you out, out of anything, at their own cost. They will look after you and make sure you're safe and well. Make sure you look after their land and check out how to plan a road trip around North Island of New Zealand.

NZ has north and south island, which are named accordingly south and north island. It's very unique, isn't it. The North island is more city-like, with the bigger cities like Auckland and Wellington (the capital) located there. The North island also has millions of waterfalls (a bit of exaggeration l admit) and amazing nature, like Tongariro national park.

The South Island is more rural, but even more picturesque than the North island, but about that you can make your own mind about. Everything is pure in New Zealand and nothing feel fake or touristic.


Especially when you stay in the main attraction it is a very safe place to visit. Tokyo is very unique place for its cleanliness, history, technology and even quiet in certain areas. Food is another thing you must try here.

Top tip you must do -- carry the hostel's business card, which you can get from the front desk at the reception. This can save you from a lot of trouble if you get lost, loose signal on your phone or face a dead phone syndrome (dead battery). Make sure that the card has the name and address of the place in japanese. NOT IN ENGLISH as this will not help you if you get stuck. In Japan, locals don't often know the street names and hotel names in english. and l mean why would they, you are in Japan.


Where to even begin, it is SAFE and people are KIND. It is the most obseanly beautiful country - the nature there is just from another level and the cities won't disappoint you.


We all instantly think of the island of Bali and as there are many other places to visit, it is good to know that Indonesia is fairly safe when you stay with the right kind of people and when alone, just stay away from small and dark allies. This is not to scare you but to make you realize Indonesia is one of those safe places to visit, when you use your common sense in every situation.

Iceland and all Scandinavian Countries

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark

You could not look for safer places and l know Island is on every girl's bucket list waiting to be checked. It must be the most wonderful place and even perhaps worth while saving to travel here with a companion.


every traveller will find themselves from here one day. It is like the ultimate solo travel place, except you won't get those cute photos of you by the canal and around everything that's so beautiful, unless you ask somebody. Every now and then you should ask for people to take a photo of you, make the most out of it. As much as there is to do (like museums, walking, dining alone), it is also exceptionally easy to get around.


It is ridiculous how many hikes and cheery smiles you can confront in this little part of UK. Scotland itself is looking to become independent and take ownership of its own law and beautiful land, and can you blame them.


Not being there myself, but after talking with a fellow travellers l've heard that it's like the capital (lol it's a country) of backpackers. It is very safe place to travel to and around in Thailand. The easy travel connection makes it a traveller's paradise and safest places to visit. Even the dummies won't get lost.

The people are kind, plus it's cheap and easy to stay in budget. You will also meet so so many other travellers and backpacker travelling solo in Thailand, just like you. Some more experienced (remember not always the wisest) and some travelling solo for the first time - perfect place to connect and meet fellow travellers.

Lets rest here as we are at the end of the list

All in all, this is great list to give you an idea of safe places to travel to and what could it be like. Generally speaking the whole of Europe and for example South America are perfectly safe places as well. Being safe entails so much more than just the destination, keep focused and keep reading how to stay safe here!



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