• Elena Elviira

Whether you love running or not? It Does Not Matter

Are you wondering why does anyone run, it seems so boring and non-eventful or are you perhaps just starting to find running so much fun. Like anything in life, our interests change and shift. We find joy in something we thought we would never really enjoy. The day will come when going for a run will feel better and more enjoyable. Keep in mind there is other sports and things to keep your body active as well. Running might not be your favourite thing. But how did this happen to me ?

First, going back a few years, l would absolutely never go for a run. I did not find the physical stress enjoyable and would just feel like it's something completely boring tbh. Netflix was more fun & enjoyable.. Then I started to run to work every morning for 4 miles in 2018. I got faster to work than what l would have got by bus. Which meant more sleep for lazy me and bigger breakfast for fuel. That lasted for about 2 months until l changed my job, but jeez' did l enjoy that. But l still wouldn't find it enjoyable to go and do that voluntarily just for the sake of fun. I had a reason to run anymore after l stopped working. But how to find it enjoyable to go for a run ?

  • Your motivation for running needs to be something else than cardio/weight loss or justifying eating rubbish food right after. Get your nutrition better and healthier, cause when you treat your body right, you actually want to start challenging it more, like going for a JOG! Finding a healthier life is just making small choices right after the other one.

As great as running is for cardio and for losing weight, but if you do not enjoy it week after week, you're not going to keep doing it. So how to make it enjoyable and motivational.

  • Start by deciding that you will only run 5 minutes today, and eventually you might make it a bit longer.

  • Don't try to keep up with someone else, focus on yourself. You will get faster and more fit as soon as you start.

  • Running does not has to be a race. It can be as slow as you want. Do not feel the pressure that it needs to be fast and long. You do what you want to do. Going for a run doesn't have to be 30 minutes every time. If you take that blockage off your mind, you'll be more happy to go for a run. It won't make you feel like it's an impossible task to run like this.

  • Go slow, and walk at times. Run 5 min, walk 5 min.... and just challenge your body to keep up a good rhythm and phase.

  • Dance, before you set off to your run. Good warm up and lifts up your mood.

  • Find running as a way to get your body moving. Love your body, love your legs, they want to be moved.

  • Find a running partner, so you can both motivate and challenge each other

  • Download a running app, like Strava, so you have your accomplishments all saved and you can look back how much fitter you have became. You will

  • Buy running shoes you love and which are the most comfortable running shoes.

Going to gym to do cardio/running seems like the worst idea for me, so l don't do it, l find other alternatives. Like parking your car 15 minutes away and jogging to and from your car to the gym.

Being outdoors makes running so much more fun. Making the running an obligation at the gym, can make your body quite stressed and hate running/cardio even more.

Also, one obvious way to make boring steady running more enjoyable is listening to music, podcasts or radio. During running and exercising we can shift our minds drastically. What we tell ourselves during exercising is what become and start to believe. Exercising has a very powerful way of affecting our minds.

Running might not be for everybody - others enjoy it more than others, so don't think you're a loser for not being able to keep up with your running routine. I couldn't until l found enjoyment in my general health and until l found a healthier lifestyle. You don't need to jump into running, but slowly as you boost your way of life, turning off that daily netflix, you will want to go running to challenge yourself. When you learn to feed your body good food, you will also want to feed it with exercising.

Sometimes running is something you HAVE TO push yourself to go and do, that's when you have your perfect running shoes that excite you and make you feel good! To go for a run - if you do it once, you can learn to do it twice. The running speed can be just as slow as you want. That is the most important thing l learned, it doesn't have to be fast at all until l am ready. The reason l believe most don't enjoy running is because we think it has to be hard and challenging - too much to take on mentally. The fact is it will get easier and that's the whole purpose of getting more fit. So start with your own speed and go with that. Start with one run and turn that into a second run.

Last tip, find beautiful places to run. You'll feel in peace and it really opens your eyes to the horizont and what's ahead in life. Especially in bad days when you struggle it's the most therapeutic thing ever.

Running near Hadrian's wall in UK !



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