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  • Elena Elviira

Why travel light?

Travelling light has multiple advantages and that's the only way l really like to travel. You feel more free and capable of jumping on and off of trains without a sweat. Being stress-free from heavy bulky lugages. You're enjoying every moment, from the moment you leave home to the moment you arrive to your destination. It is so much nicer not having to stress about whether you packed everything, just take the minimal - make sure your essentials are packed and that's about it, you wear many of your clothes everyday anyway. Make yourself stress free of having not to worry, whether you packed everything. It can save you plenty of money and hassle as well.

Before you start packing, it's better to write down all the activities you'll be doing on your trip and for which activities you can pretty much use the same clothing. For example packing to a warm place l have one go-to black denim skirt that l can use in any occasion and just change tops. Don't empty the whole of your closet, just because you think you need everything. This stops you over packing and actually helps you to pack less, cause why could you not use that sweater twice or even three times.

Make a list of the items you need for you activities and be precise. Write them down and write exactly which hoodie or skirt you mean. Pack those things you would actually be wearing at your home country as well, cause those are the clothes you actually enjoy wearing, those are the clothes you're comfortable wearing. I know it's easy to think these big glamorous ways of dressing and fantasising that this is what l'll be wearing when in reality you won't cause simply that's not you. If you're not big on high heels, then don't pack them on your trip. Trust, you will only wear clothes you feel the most you. You still want to be yourself on your trip and be comfortable with it.

Now that you have that list, don't go thinking 'l might need this, l might need that'. It will be okey if you leave those one ripped jeans home or that one other silly thing you stress over, just leave it and it will not ruin your trip. You'll just wear something else, especially if you've packed in a way you can mix and match your colours and items. Stick to same colours and to clothes that are easy to combine with other clothes. Reusing clothes is also completely acceptable and handy. Do not over prepare with your packing - things that you might actually need, that country or city, where you're heading to has exactly the stuff that are needed in that particular destination. For example to beach destinations l only pack one pair of bikini, cause l know l'll find a pair there l want to buy. I only own 2 pairs of bikinis anyway so l know l want to expand to have a few more. Your destination has exactly the essentials that'll be needed there - that's what locals need there and you tourist definitely don't need more than that. Pack like a local, don't go overboard and be you.

Pack essentials into smaller boxes and tubes, like vitamins, medicine and hair products. Also, if you're trying to stick to a hand luggage, but really need those over-the-limit shampoo bottles for your week and a half trip, you might be just better off buying them at your destination. Buying 5 pounds worth of hair products is also cheaper than checking in a luggage for 70 pounds. You can also carry a small liquid laundry wash bottle if your trip is like 2-3 weeks but don't want to reuse that shirt for 5 smelly reuses or don't want to pack 20 pairs of underwear. It's really handy and that way you can aim to pack less cause you can just wash and sweat again.

Location: Craters of the moon, Taupo, New Zealand.

Coming soon: a planned road trip in North island of New Zealand ! Everything you want to see !



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