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  • Elena Elviira

This is How to Achieve Your Healthy Lifestyle

How does anyone life a healthy life? How do people get into that way of life? How can l stop myself eating rubbish?

These Fitness people you might see and compare yourself to, you have to understand that their body is their full-time job. These unrealistic expectations will mislead you and comparing yourself to some other boy or girl, will not give you the answer or results you're looking for. What you want to do, is to make fitness YOUR own kind of lifestyle. Even without immediate results, after starting to eat healthily for example, your body will thank you. First, it might start by just removing fat that's not seen by the eye, the fat that surrounds your organs. Healthy healthy healthy !

Another challenge might be to feel like a lost cause - that it's too late or my body will never look like that or there is not people around you to support you through your journey. Think of it as a new hobby, going to gym or going for a run, you will evidently meet new people. At gym you can speak to people and make new friends, l see that all the time how people talk to each other at the gym. We are all in this together. That will only encourage you. You might even encourage another coworker to start working out, cause they see another relatable person achieving results and energy and happiness - you ! What comes to it being too late: well it's not, only by starting today you can achieve results, start today with a small thing and see how easy it is, one small change today ! Everyday you go saying that it's not possible, you're only going to the opposite undesired direction. You would be amazed what you can achieve by starting now with just one small change. That's all it takes. Notice your most unhealthiest habit and make a change to that slowly. You might think your body already looks like it's suppose to and there's no changing it, but no matter of you fitness level, there are huge changes to be made to shape your body.

Next thing is how the gym can be a scary place.. jeez.. expect for the cardio machines which are the only acceptable place to train and spend time in, not really but.. Why is it so intimidating to go and workout in the gym. It is especially hard with a gym that is spread out and you're not really sure where everything is. You can almost in any gym ask the staff to show you around and maybe that will help, or go with a friend, a family member, an adult child or a partner. First, just do a proper warm up and as you warm up, start thinking what could you test out today or a machine your'e not even sure how it works, just go and see the machine and the instruction. Don't be afraid to break a sweat or make a silly face as you train hard. Take your time exploring the gym and making it more comfortable to be in. That's already progress. Make it your home you love to visit. Do things you purely enjoy doing, that's how you get most consistent long term results.

What comes to food. Processed food is unhealthy we all know that, but some can foods or frozen foods can be quite healthy still. To get your nutrition on track, you can start by eating 1800 cal per day (for a week for women) and that should give you an indication to see if you can healthily cut or even add (depending on gender, age, activity level,goal) to your calorie intake. Start by looking at the food boxes and the calories, slowly you should learn how many calories each food product has. It helps to track your food intake on a calorie counting app, really helpful to stay strict as well. You can just count the calories and not worry about the macros, if you keep the basic rules of how your plate should look in veggies, carbs and protein. Once you're comfortable counting the calories, you can start to count the macros of each meal, but not necessary at all especially if your'e just trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, chances are you are eating enough of protein, carbs and fats to begin with.

Few tips to keep your meals in right portion is to eat from smaller plate and focus on each meal as you eat it, do not rush and just focus on eating. After that plate (saying you're eating from smaller plate) you can ask yourself, do l really need more or should l grab that apple. Give yourself a break if you're hungry and need to eat more, eat, once again you're not on a diet, you're just trying to make healthier choices. Not every choice has to be strict, there might be a reason why you're hungrier today, so let your body get its fuel. Veggies are a perfect way stuff your face if you're still hungry after a nutritious meal.

What comes to healthier choices and those cravings. Cravings, how can anyone resist them. 1. Imagine yourself eating that food, and accept that craving, as in will it actually make you feel better to eat that food or should you just not eat it. So stop and rethink. 2. have a cup of tea, I find this extremely helpful to stop any cravings and it takes a bit of time to drink a cuppa of tea, which is helpful. Sometimes we also just get cravings cause we are dehydrated so it's a good way to get fluid in as well. You will learn to appreciate the taste of delicious tee. So, learn to enjoy new tastes and create new healthy cravings.

All of that doesn't happen overnight, so give yourself time, but do your best and start today! Your best doesn't have to be sticking to a healthy lifestyle 7 days a week 24 hours a day. You can still allow yourself to have unhealthy snacks or cheat meals 1-5 times a week, depending... You can also live 6 days completely healthy and have one sort of a more relaxed day and you'll be fine. Given you have an active lifestyle and balanced nutrition. Balance your life more with healthy choices and give some time for yourself to figure it out.

Learn a way to enjoy, cause let's all remember our bodies are beautiful just the way they are. There is nothing wrong with you, but many of us should live a more healthy lifestyle and I hope you will find a way to live healthy. You will find that it will make you feel like a million bucks. I gotta say there are no shortcuts and it is hard work at first. But once it becomes a lifestyle it will get easier and you will enjoy living that much healthier lifestyle.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and your mind and body are meant to be looked after. So look after it.

Respect yourself - look after yourself.



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