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  • Elena Elviira

14 Unmistakably best ways to travel light

As you travel, you will learn so many new things about the world. You learn about other people and you grown so so much as a person. Mistakes are part of travelling and life, but packing does not have to be one of those mistakes when you travel.

We are going to go through this step-by-step guide, on how to pack and travel light. It makes a huge difference not having to sweat around carrying that bulky heavy disgusting luggage. Gives you bit of a freedom to travel, plus it saves some money for you ! So here it is how to actually pack light

  • Lightweight suitcase or backpack is a must to begin with. It doesn't have to be lighter than air but it really goes a long way if you can choose a luggage that's 3 kg lighter.

  • Packing what you MIGHT need on top of what you DO need. Do not pack this much. Eliminate the clothes you think you might need and leave them at home. We often glamourize that we need more than we think

  • Only take cosmetics that are relevant to life and survival. Use small bottles and tubes. Great tip for packing perfume is getting your hands on one of those small sample tubes/bottles (you can refill them after every trip and it will last for year if you don't use perfume that much anyway)

Women (especially) often have lots of cosmetics, like makeup, nail polish, hair products. Cosmetics weight quite a bit. Getting rid of most of your cosmetics and only bringing essentials makes your life that much easier. Great alternative for face washing and moisturising is wet wipes.

  • Wear your bulky items on you, during transfers and when travelling from A to B on a train, etc. I always carry one certain sweater that keeps me warm, it works as a pillow and is easy to carry. Just remember you still want to be able to pack these bulky items in your backpack.

  • No more than 3 pairs of shoes and consider even that as too much. I have my sneakers for everyday use. They work for activities and hiking as well. Plus then l have my sandals and Tom like shoes, that are flat and easy to pack (taking no extra space)

  • Leaving space for souvenirs is always a good tactic to spare some space. You don't even necessarily need to bring back any souvenirs (;

  • Only have one designated travel luggage/ backpack that fits all of your belongings, you don't want to be carrying multiple bags and risk forgetting something behind. One bag, one problem! Una bolsa, un problema!

  • Get yourself a luggage scale. This way not only do you avoid excess costs at the airport check-in but you actually know each trip how much you're carrying and you can learn how much is too much for you to carry. The weight you can comfortably handle.

  • Pack clothes that can be used for multiple occasions and can be mixed&matched with everything you have. My basic rule is one pair of jeans and one black denim skirt, which l can wear with anything.

Also, be open to washing your clothes during the trip (;

  • Write a list and write down precisely every piece of item you need for each of your activities, and be precise and stick to that list. STICK TO IT!

  • Do a show-off, where you pile your stuff on your bed or on your floor. This will give you an idea on how much you have unnecessary items. Go through each item and double check if you really need the stuff you have there.

Be confident in your decisions !

  • Microfiber towel is the only towel to travel with, it will do the job and is very compact and lightweight. Plus it will dry super fast when you're in a hurry and wouldn't otherwise have the time to wait for your towel to dry.

  • Understand that whatever you'll be needing in your destination, you can find from there. So don't stress too much. You can survive for a lot less than you think.

  • Finally, get used to the idea of not having all of your stuff with you. These days, it's easy to feel like we need and want everything, so try and get used to the idea of living with less, at least for the duration of your travels

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