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  • Elena Elviira

How I Went From nooob to FitGirl

My background in fitness/sports is that I used to play football from young age for many years, which made me develop an athletic look early on. I have always had some muscle mass, but l have also lost weight, gained weighted, lost muscle and had a lifestyle of not being very active. My fitness lifestyle started few years back but didn't really take off until a year ago.

Starting at gym can be very intimidating as you don't know what to do and feel like everybody is watching! But really, nobody is watching. There's only few reasons anybody would be watching is because they think you're watching them, or they neither have no idea what they are doing, or they would happily like to help you. Remember this, next time you go to gym, nobody is watching or notices if you're lost.

My first probably half a year of training at the gym had no structure whatsoever and was lacking weights. I was going to gym and thinking l am doing same as all these fitness girls, cause that's what's out there. But going to gym requires structure like reps, sets and rest and l neglected their importance. Also, just simple things such as correct weight and reps for lifting was something l did not understand. Depending on your goals right intensity needs to be set. Weight and reps needs to be in correlation. The heavier you go, the less you do reps and you don't need to aim to do many many many reps until you feel the burn. Try get reps under 15, even better if under 12 and heavy enough. Those things can be hard to understand, at least l did not even think those things back then. Falsely l also used to think you have to spend forever at the gym each day, when it just ain't true.

For me l wanted to have abs and just general tone look and something else than a pancake butt. Sounds reasonable, so l was doing squats, cardio and this and that. Just mix of everything possible with no structure. But, now l have learned to choose the right exercise and do them with correct weight. l have also learned to enjoy my training. It makes me feel good if anything.


At one point l had like a half a year break but when l went to live and travel in Australia l started gymming again. In Australia l went to gym quite often but for example l did 20 repetition sets of squats and was thinking l am working so hard that if this doesn't work then nothing will. And it didn't so l thought it just isn't possible for me to tone or build muscle. At the same time l was also eating low calories and thinking it's enough of food. I knew good nutrition is important for fitness, so I ate good ingredients but l just wasn't eating enough to build any muscle. In fact l think l was loosing muscle mass. Do not go day in day out in hunger. If food becomes something that controls your life, reach out to make a change and get healthy relationship to food. To build muscle is hard work but going to gym doesn't need to take longer than an hour.

I was usually pretty intimidated at any gym. I would never go to the weight lifting areas unless there was no men nor women to be seen. A part of starting your fitness journey and getting yourself to the gym is being confident with it. You have every right to go try that machine. It's okey not to lift as heavy as the other person next to you. You're there for yourself so enjoy it and see what you're capable of.

But how did l get my training on the right track after all the struggles and misunderstandings. First step was probably that l tried a new exercise (DEADLIFT) and started to lift heavier, compared to what l used to, which was lifting light and performing crazy amounts of reps. I also started to enjoy the rush of working out again. This happened when l met a really good friend, who later became my boyfriend. He was able to help me and change my workouts completely. So l know now that we all just need a little help sometimes and that's what l would like to be here for you. I just needed to start lifting heavier more consistently.

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