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  • Elena Elviira

Going Solo - Travel Solo

There are so many places we want to visit and you might wonder how is it to travel and visit places on your own. l can start by saying that, l feel like in my whole year in Australia I never had a day l spent alone. In Japan l met a person, in 2 hours of landing, to share a pizza and some fun conversation. Your experiences will be different to mine, but if you're concerned about travelling solo, just remember there's so many other people travelling solo as well. One early spring day l flew within inside Australia, from Sydney to Perth, where l knew no one. l decided to go have a look at the city and have a walk on this nice coastal walk. As l got into this famous little beach hut, to photograph it, l waited for this nice couple to step away. l offered to take a photo for them and we started talking and voila.. l spent the rest of the day with them. Can you believe it! By keeping a smile on your face, strangers will want to talk to you. They were doing the same as me and had no plans but to enjoy this beautiful day. We walked up to this view point over Perth city. They invited me to join me on their picnic and we had the most interesting travel talks and how life has brought us here to this moment.

As unexpected as it is always, to meet people randomly, it happened on my solo travels more often than l can remember.

You meet exactly the kind of people you yourself are. You will connect with few people, with whom you share same interests, which is amazing as you get to share that part of yourself. With one friend of mine from New Zealand, we always had these heart to heart conversations and we could talk about anything. With another friend from Canada, we connected through fitness and encouraged each other to live a healthy happy life. They both became people l trust and look up to. Meeting new people will make you grow as a person, and that's something l always have my solo travels to thank.

You will meet so many amazing people, some you might loose contact with but they all will give something beautiful to your life. Those friends you do keep contact with, will become very close to you and you will share fun experiences with them. I believe every person can give and teach you something, so be sure you're also giving part of yourself. Be your own kind of beautiful!

All photos from amazing and magical

New Zealand



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