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  • Elena Elviira

Deceiving Beauty Trends

What is truly beautiful in us people is health and confidence. But will beauty and beauty trends ever be fully associated with healthy lifestyle? I do hope so.

How has beauty trends changed over time and how can you find the full beauty of yourself? What does it look like? Beauty trends in the past 100 years have changed over and over (and over) again and are only changing at a faster pace, as new beauty trend might pop-up overnight. That is due to our own growing interaction with media.

We create our own media these days from different social media platforms, we choose what & who we follow and influence ourselves with. We let media influence our minds (more than you think, it happens slowly but directs your mind) daily with a constant feed. Going back in time, the media used to be newspaper, magazines, radio and TV. No photoshopped pictures and did not grow unrealistic expectations as strongly as these days.

In the1900's, beauty trends took time to change, but still changed at a fairly fast phase. Beauty trends happen very closely with what is going on at the world. World War 1 mostly putted women's beauty look on hold, but later also women started to exercise for the first time and then later women started bodybuilding. In the 90's, being extremely skinny and pale took over, closely affected by cocaine becoming more common. Especially in Hollywood, which media follows closely and therefore spreading that beauty trend.

Few other beauty trends, like Marilyn Monroe's curves allowed women not to be judged by their curves and have the freedom of looking natural, this happened a lot at the same time when women started to look for equality ('equal pay equal work' and 'right to vote').

If we could only understand that beauty trends tell a lot more about history than what they do about what is truly beautiful. Media can twist what is expected to be beautiful and promotes extremities. What is truly beautiful is every person, every woman and man, boy and girl.

What was beautiful then, might not be beautiful today (among trends). Different beauty trends are being glamourized at different times of history and this fact applies to this very day.

I could have not fitted or wanted to fit into many of women's beauty trends in the past, like corsets, heck no, my body is only to be sculptured by heavy weight lifting (;

Would l still had been beautiful in this time of history, yes to myself, but not as in much of getting attention for my beauty. Attention and beauty goes hand in hand, and the more a certain type of beauty gets attention, the more it pushes away from the other kind of beauty.

Social media is allowing beauty trends to get more than ever attention and at some point can we even keep up with it? Why would we all need to look like perfections or same, it's not realistic?

Humankind doesn't look different, evolution has not had the time in our lifetime, to affect human body to look different every ten years when beauty trends shift. I hope beauty will serenade to all of us something coming from inside of you.

You can and are beautiful just the way you are, even when you don't look like the trend that's going on. Beauty differs for all of us. Beauty looks different on all of us. Your individuality is your beauty, that does not need to fall & fit into a trend.

Talking about health and fitness - most popular fitness trends have never really followed scientific health advice and have always been associated with latest dieting trends and movie stars and influencers. Nothing scientific about them, just a trend.

So, Why do we follow non-scientific advice and let it fool us? Fitness and diet trends come and go, but what is truly healthiest is letting your body fall into the body type it is. In it's natural healthy weight. Our bodies are built differently and by forcing them into a wrong body type, will lead to health problems - mental and physical health problems.

Health looks something totally different on you than it does on me, and that is beautiful. There's so much more in you than just your looks. There's kindness, there's humour, there's passion, there's strength, there's honesty, there's beauty in you. Those are the things that make impression at the end.

Well is it nice to look beautiful, yes, but define beauty differently. Beauty does not require drastic measures. I believe as long as you are living the healthiest you, by respecting your body and giving yourself the best chance to be healthy. Believe in yourself, and know that your beauty is not defined by anyone and anything. YOU are the most beautiful version of YOU. There's no one else that can be a more beautiful version of you.

Health is something more than the latest trend or a trend from the past, it's letting your body the ability to be it's best - self-respect, motivation in life, self-confidence, ability to teach your mind and body new things, is a humankind forever kind of beautiful xx



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