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  • Elena Elviira

Disastrous first day of UNIVERSITY

Going to a new place or starting a new job can be daunting, but most often we do those things even if it take us out of our comfort zone. Those are the times when we grow us humans and grow a thicker skin.

Some of us get to go see their chosen university with a friend or family, but then some of us just simply go alone. Support and company is always nice and if you're afraid of your first day, it won't affect the rest of your year the slightest. So remember that ! Everybody is just as lost as you are and some even more lost in fact.

I, for example, can tell you a very very sad first day of Uni. It was sunny and everything was going well. I was a bit overwhelmed to start studying as there are other things in life I enjoy doing so much more than sit in a school bench, but l knew going to University to study the subject l chose was the thing l ultimately wanted to learn about. Travelling would have to wait for summer time and at the end l want to find my passion.

Getting back to the first day.. like wedding days, are not always perfect. Perfect wedding will not tell about the success of the marriage, but it's the hard work people put into (same applies to school). Even if your first day at uni is any similar to mine you will be fine when you work hard and find the reason why you are in Uni. My first day - I went to buy a burger and started walking home with it in my hands & as l waited for the traffic lights to turn green, a car flies by in high speed. Oooh did l mention it was raining, that is a very important detail so l become soaking wet ofcourse, from the splashes the passing car made. Other people saw it and instantly look at me with their eyes full of sadness (poor girl on her first day at uni). So my reaction was 'oh well could be worse' so I start wiping my face and hair dry, with the burger in my hand BUT A FREAKIN' SEAGULL LANDS ON MY HEAD AND STEALS THE FRIGGING B-U-R-G-E-R !! in that moment l gave up and kept walking like nothing happened.

Imagine the look on other people faces now, they have just witnessed something that never in the history of first year students has happened! Splashed with water and a seagull attack.

Moral of the story is, go to your first day and week of school with full of smile cause you're going to need that smile, things happen and may go slightly wrong, but at the end it will all workout.

I promise !

Pic: Elena Elviira, Sydney Harbour



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