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  • Elena Elviira

10,000 steps or one gym workout ?

Sometimes our lives can be too busy to take care of our daily exercises. It can be too time consuming, and you just can not find the time with everything that's going on. OR at the end of they day your'e just simply too tired.

For health reasons we need to get into the habit of daily physical activity. Part of it can be achieved from manual labour work or from standing and walking all day at work. What is really harmful for our health is sitting and laying down. As much needed as rest is, there needs to be something to actually recover from during rest. Sitting all day is what will get you unfit unfortunately. After sitting all day and going to gym, for that 1 hour workout is less beneficial to our health, than achieving 10,000 steps and living generally more active lifestyle, each and every day. In this world we live in, it is of course harder to live active lifestyle or is it? we drive everywhere, we take the elevator, we order food in, we take the car to drive to our local food market, etc.. there are changes you can make and gradually build your activity levels.

Think of a way for you to start achieving that 10,000 step mark, you should even start with 7,000. Is it sometimes better to walk the last two or three miles to work, instead of sit in the traffic. Could you use bike more often, or just go for a walk after a day at work. Do you want to scroll down social media for 45 minutes or use that time to walk, and evidently live longer. This will also benefit you mental health and energy levels. If one hour is perhaps too long to spend on daily jog or walk, you can change it up to HIIT training of 20-30 minutes, takes less time but has quite the same health benefits. Find a way that suits you. With daily lives, we get tired cause it's all the same, but taking time for your thoughts and self, will knock up our energy and confidence, and active lifestyle will become more sustainable. These are the questions you can ask yourself.

Of course, nutrition plays an important part as well. But let's imagine how one and one comes together. If you decide to walk 30 minutes every morning and another 30 minutes in the evening (tip: start by choosing 2-3 evenings every week let's say) you will feel more on top going to work, your energy levels will be higher, you will eat a proper breakfast, whilst also making more healthy choices throughout the day. Our bowels know if we are stressed and thus won't work properly, so any sort of mind relaxation of walking for example, will lower stress levels and makes you ready for the next day.

''Your whole life does not need to change but what you can do, is change it towards a bit healthier and active way of living''

Benefits of daily physical activity are enormous and without it, your mental and physical health will suffer. To achieve adequate daily levels of physical activity, one does not necessarily need to break a sweat and do that killer workout, it's more about learning and adopting a more active lifestyle, with small changes. As beneficial as it is to get your heart rate up and body moving, it is more important to find a way to have an active lifestyle. The health problems that sitting all day causes, can not be erased by 1 hour gym workout. Your all around active lifestyle is what matters.

Non-active lifestyle puts you at higher risk of diabetes and heart diseases and puts your mental health at risk as well. I've reached a point where my mental health suffers without enough physical activity. It has always been that way, but now l see the changes exercise can bring out. All the positive ways it affects my mental well-being.

I know as l am writing this l am sitting on my laptop, which is really bad for my posture first of all and l am doing exactly the opposite of what l've just been talking about - l am sitting. So understand that, your whole life does not need to change but what you can do, is change it towards a bit healthier and active way of living.

A way to make it more motivating is to have a step counter app on your phone, smart watch or have any other way of counting those steps. That will give you the feeling of achievement and helps to guide you if more needs to be done. You will actually know if you're on the right track!

Good luck today beautiful people ! Start with one small change today and another tomorrow.



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