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  • Elena Elviira

9 Simple Habits You Should Be Doing

1. Eating breakfast - l definitely recommend having a good big breakfast no matter what your fitness goal is. It can be anything from 400-600 calories (even more, it's very individual. Just something you will enjoy making in the morning but I definitely recommend a good breakfast that fills you up.

2. Drinking water - dehydration affects everything about your day; your exercise, your energy levels, your mood, your choices, your food choices and bodily functions like metabolism. You can get a lot of water from food like rice or potatoes, but also make sure to drink enough water everyday, starting with a glass of water every morning. When water tastes boring, l prepare my bottle with a scoop of amino acids or creatine. My favourite flavours for these are blueberry, strawberry and lemon lime.

3. Using salt and oils in my cooking. As much as these are the scary ''avoid at any cost'' products for many of us, they are very essential for any healthy lifestyle and should not be avoided. Same goes to 'high calorie nuts', that might feel like they should be avoided, if trying to lose weight is your goal, but no, they contain very good healthy fats, proteins and vitamins. If you know something is healthy, don't avoid it and have it as part of your balanced healthy diet.

4. Planning ahead - helps you to make healthier choices and stick to your training regime. Planning your training, meals and day in general, helps you to get a lot more productive and healthier. When heading to a long day l always have a meal prepared so l don't have to rely on buying something unhealthy. Saves you money and makes sure you're fuelled throughout your day. You will still have energy and fuel left to go and train. It's also good to carry healthy snacks cause you can never eat too many fruits. It's not always fruits you must carry as a snack, there are many other good options as well, find something you like.

5. Finding enjoyment in exercising. If you do something you enjoy every day, that habit is going to stick longer than something you do not enjoy doing. Sounds simple but can often be forgotten. Whether it is going to gym or going for a walk, it should be a physical activity you enjoy. There is no point doing something you're not looking forward to do. Everyday, l look forward to going to the gym. It's not always exciting but it's the thing that fulfils my life and makes my days better. If it's not something you enjoy, it will not take you anywhere. Exercising never has to be forced, yes work hard and push your body but do something you enjoy.

6.Finding balance with fitness & life. It can be hard if you start to obsess about calories or all of your thoughts are overwhelmed with fitness and being as healthy as possible at all times. The pressure that you have to burn calories more more more and train more more more is overwhelming... Take a step back, breath and focus more on being healthy overall and not strain you mental health with all these small decisions and obsessions. Look at the overall picture. Balanced life allows you to have unhealthy meals and habits even.

7. Fruits and snacks. On a day l need higher intake of protein and l really grave for a treat, l go for protein bar, which is nice and chocoladdyy. I would go for protein bar over chocolate bar any day actually, because of its better nutritional values. If you choose fairly healthy protein bar (they do exist) you eat half the calories with better nutritional values. You get the benefit of 15-23g of protein AND you don't need to worry about the unhealthy causes of that chocolate bar. Like saturated fats and sugar. Also learning to eat fruits every day is never ever wrong. How to learn to eat fruits? decide for a week you'll eat an apple (or whatever fruit you like) after a dinner when you watch TV (just en example). Do it for one week and keep going. Easy, and doesn't require much from you. Decide you'll eat that one apple every day you drive to work. Make it an easy habit.

8. Sleep zleep zzleep zZzzsleep zZZzzzZzZ.... getting enough sleep is definitely the moment when all of your choices made in the day and recovery comes into place. Getting optimal amount of sleep makes everything better. It will affect the quality of your life and training progression, more than you think.

9. Getting enough physical activity. Even if you're someone who goes to gym 5 times a week, those two rest days can and should still be active. Rest day doesn't necessarily mean laying in bed all day, it's called active recovery. We can be active everyday, our human bodies can take it, whether if it's achieving 10,000 steps or cleaning on your knees and feet for few hours. Keeping on top of your daily physical activity levels is important, more important than working out at the gym??



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