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  • Elena Elviira

Let's talk about self-compassion

Self-compassion is something we should all learn about. It is about treating yourself with kindness, understanding and time, when hardships arise into your life. Letting go of pain without a guilt. Accepting your imperfections without judging yourself oh so harshly. Making a mistake is ok, it is something to learn and grow from. Here is how.

During the time of crisis in our lives, we tend to make things harder for us by reflecting our worth through the mistakes and imperfections we have.. One often looks at these errors in themselves through judgement created by self. We judge ourselves more easily than what we would judge others for. Same applies to you, nobody is judging you, expect yourself. So why not forgive yourself?

Recognising qualities in yourself that you don't like, should not be judged but taken as something you can grow and do better from. Avoiding time of despair.

7 ways to practice self-compassion

  1. Remember that you are unique. Embrace your uniqueness, with all of the imperfections. Darling you have so much to offer, find what it is and remember it in times of crisis. If it helps, write down your good qualities & look back at the paper when you need little bit of kindness toward yourself.

  2. Practice mindfulness (pay attention to your feelings & thoughts, and slowly you'll be able break a bad habit through recognition)

  3. Talk kindly to yourself (every day, all day, once an hour encourage yourself, you're good enough)

  4. Breath and accept your thoughts and feelings. Let go of feeling powerless towards these things you can not change. Look into future with brighter eyes, don't get stuck on the moment. Things will change. Accept what has happened and try to find something positive out of the situation. Something you learned perhaps about yourself.

  5. Practice self-care. Sounds silly but it is as simple as allowing yourself to enjoy positive things in life. The things that bring you joy and happiness. Do the things that excite you. (Doesn't sound so silly anymore, does it?)

  6. Grow as a person and hold on to your values. Identify where do you want to be? and who do you want to be? Who are you currently? How can you do better from here?

  7. Forgive yourself


How fitness and working out can be used as a powerful tool to boost self-compassion and forgiveness toward self?

  • Exercising makes you realise you're only human with all of its flaws. It gives you perspective. You can only do your best and go from there.

  • Physical activity lowers stress levels and allows room for clear thinking

  • Eating good and nutritious food makes your mind and body function & feel better

  • Through working out, we can grow the power of our habits, believes and thought patterns. What do l mean with this?

Whatever it is, insecurities, lack of confidence or lack of self-compassion, all arise from low value to self. Through exercising we can increase the believes we think of ourselves, due to heightened readiness in brain - which makes exercising a powerful tool to change your thoughts for better. Habits of thoughts & feelings you create during exercising stick to your everyday life.


Practical examples:

Do you want to be more positive ? Go into your workout as if you are a positive person, believe it and in time you will become one. You are one.

Do you want to be more kind ? During exercising at the gym, believe everybody around you knows you are in fact a kind person. This makes you act kind, and this behaviour goes a long way.

Do you want to feel more confident ? Between each set, instead to slandering yourself down, telling yourself you're a failure, tell yourself you can do this, you're strong, you're worthy, you're unique. you're beautiful.

Do you want to worry less and be more relaxed? Move slowly at the gym and instead of telling yourself million things between sets. Breath and don't react to your thoughts. Breathe. Try not to overthink.


This post is not just about self-compassion but it is about wanting to be the best version of yourself physically and mentally. Have a good one babes 💛💛

This quote means ones brain capabilities to adapt and change through events of life. Being capable to adapt to whatever we want to become as humans. Leading our life towards our greatest hopes and dreams. You are in control of your own life and destiny, through your thoughts.

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