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  • Elena Elviira

How to gain 5 cm in muscle?

In the past six months l have made nearly 5cm on glute gains, give or take! So can you!

Have l been doing everything correctly in the past 6 months ?

Have l ate chocolate in the past 6 months?.....big yes

Have l seen my body change?.....little but not really sure always

Have l felt like giving up?.....yea

Have l trained consistently ?.....Pretty much, l became stronger!

Have l had proper rest days?....Yes, cause rest is half the training

Have I been 100% certain I'm doing everything correctly?


Have I felt like it's all for nothing? YEEES... like where are all the gains, am l not working out hard enough? What am I doing wrong? Reality is also that many of us may not know how to train or don't train hard enough. That question, how to train correctly I can not answer rn /but you can find an answer to it here and check out my other blog posts to stay tuned!

In the past 6 months, l have went through all the emotions, just like you. No trust in the process or very little. What's the point if nothing's happening? For the vast majority of the time you enjoy working out and that itself makes you feel good and keeps you going to the gym. The other few times you're just not feeling it, thinking that all this hard work is not really giving me any results.

I have probably done a thing or two wrong in the past 6 months, but so what, it does not matter to the overall picture. It might affect a bit, but there's only so much you can do. You learn constantly more and more about your body. And that's what fitness is all about. Unless you're a professional and can dedicate all of your time and energy to fitness with help of professional coaches. But I am just doing this for myself, just like you.

What matters is working out consistently and progressively (progressive overload l mean and going to the gym consistently). Sometimes you'll have an off-day and training doesn't feel right, well maybe do something else that day and listen to your body. That is okey. Your body reacts to your thoughts. Rest days are fine and needed. Find your balance.

Two things that l have been able to combine are enjoyment & training hard. Being able to work hard and enjoy it, has made a huge difference in my training. You only really allow your body to perform to its best, when you're not stressed, anxious or going through the emotions at the gym.

It affects your body in so many ways and how you perform. I used to think you have to be hard core to get results from your weight training. Every time you would have to train yourself to death and become an emotional wreck, until there's nothing left in you.

But no, you don't need to feel like you want to mentally break after every session for it to be effective; give development some time and enjoy it.

The lack of believe in your journey and lack of trust in the gains is disheartening. It feels like they are not really coming, but when you train correctly and eat correctly, it is inevitable you will see results and get those gains over time. No matter who your are !

It is just slow progress and requires patience. Learn that patience is you enjoying the journey of your own fitness. Don't check the mirror everyday for gains, you won't find them. They are in the future, and are coming. I promise.

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How to EAT to lose weight, build muscle & get lean?

I have made my body measurements 6 months apart and my training has mainly focused on glutes, abs and back.

Abs l will hopefully see when l start cutting a bit more. Back muscle gains l see very well from before and after photos. Also l can get upper body gains very easily, but it's my glute training that l have always been struggling to get any real results. But, since l started to measure my leg gains, l've realised that changes are actually happening and l am getting results. It gave me the reassurance to trust my journey.

My leg training has focused mainly on glutes and hammies, instead of quads, because I've always had bigger quads and I only want to start training them more seriously when my glutes and quads are in proportion. It's just because of my background in football, they're already quite well developed.


In the past 6 months, I've gained weight about 4kg, give or take, as hope (as l weighted at different time of the day, night, morning, wore different clothes, ate just before, or didn't eat, had salty food, were on my period, plus one million other reasons ).

Many things affect your weight and it is okay for it to fluctuate weekly. l don't really find scales helpful to anybody when used daily.. Not even if losing weight is your goal. Cause what you're really trying to lose is fat, but getting more muscle mass in the process weights more plus it enhances fat burn which is good. So scale won't necessarily tell the truth about what's happening in your body, especially all the good things.

How fast can you actually grow muscle and HOW ??

My body measurement 6 months apart:

  • Above knee has stayed pretty much the same, solid 39 cm before and after, which l am happily surprised about as it shows my leg training has been more focused on glutes, successfully so.

  • The thickest part of my thigh has went from 53cm to 56cm ( some of it can be fat gains, idk cause this is my problem area, but that's ok l do not know for certain. Even if it's some fat gains, which it is, obtaining my weight in normal healthy levels will have some fat there, it's in my genes until l decide to get rid of it).

  • Just under my bum l have went from 54,5cm to 58cm on each leg.

  • Highest part measured in my glutes/hips, has gained almost 5cm. It has changed from 92,5cm to 97cm. And just by looking at my body, the growth has went on my glutes and not for example making my hips wider, thus giving me this bigger measurement.

Comments:I am Happy happy happy, cause this gives me the reassurance l am training correctly and even though l physically don't see the changes to my bare eye, there has indeed been 5 cm in change.

How to do your measurements ? Take a note of few things..

  • Did you measure in the morning or evening

  • Did you measure after a gym session, or after a few days of rest (training pumps blood to the muscles and makes them bigger)

  • Have you drank water that today and had extra salty foods for example ( salt binds water in to your body and affects your weight even by 1-3 kg )

  • Have you gained fat or muscle weight between the measurements (if you have gained both fat and muscle, that's ok, but just for you to be able to look at these changes in your measurements, it's important for you to know if some of it is fat and the rest is muscle)

---> All of that, will help you to understand what kind of gains you've made and in what proportion. Measure correctly but don't worry if the circumstances are different.

This is super easy to do and once you've took the measurements, try to forget them so you don't get obsessed and stressed about them. Just train, but have them as your backup to tell you what your gains look like over time.

It will help you to understand that it just takes long time. Many don't want to hear that, but the quicker you realise that, the easier it is to trust the progress and enjoy it from the beginning.

Even though l have not reached my goal yet, this gives me certainty to keep going and that whatever what it is that l am doing, is working. Plus l am only learning everyday as l go. There's no more a dream body l want to achieve, but a healthy balanced life l want to achieve giving me better mind and physique in the progress.

You can achieve this by just focusing on yourself, understanding that it is a learning progress. HAve fun achieving your goals. It's not that serious (;

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