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  • Elena Elviira


Form is everything and it can take a while before being able to get stronger and lift heavier and heavier and heavier.. But I encourage you to keep doing exercises with good form, cause that also makes your body stronger, prevents injuries and allows you to go even heavier next time.

Work on your form, cause with good form you work harder all around.

Always, quality over quantity.

All of us prefer one deadlift over the other, so try to find which one works best for you & your body and goals. That's why it would be good to try all three of these and mix and match with your training program.

Next time you go to gym, after a warm up, do a set of each and see how they feel. That can count as 'exercise number one complete'. l sometimes enjoy doing supersets with deadlifts. Which means in one set l do two different deadlifts, for example ''7 sumo and 7 conventional without a rest in between''. It activates different neural connections and helps you to push extra whilst still working on same main muscles with little variation.


1. Conventional deadlift - Step close to the barbell, with hip width stand. Hands shoulder width (or slightly wider). Pull up keeping your chest up and back straight

Tip: if the bar is too heavy for your fingers aka it's slipping, you can turn around your other hand to grab the bar from other direction.

2. Romanian deadlift - RDL - great exercise to target hamstrings. Same width for hands and legs as in conventional deadlift. Movement starts from the top: lower the barbell slowly, as close to your body/legs as possible. Keep you knees slightly bend & push your hips backwards. When you feel stretch in you hamstrings you know it's time to pull up by pushing your hips forward. You can usually go lighter on weight with RDLs.

Tip: with RDL it is not necessary to go all the way down, until your body learns to do this. Focus on the tension of hammies and glutes, and find your magic spot to come up.

3. Sumo deadlift - something that only lately l've got myself more familiar with. Your legs stand wider than hips and both hands grab the barbell close to middle. This deadlift targets glutes and if you want to target glutes even more, you can point out your toes outwards. Some can point out their toes more and it is all about how your body functions. So try to find that good width to stand and then see how much you can comfortably point out your toes. Find your body's spot for better glute targeting.

Tip: Remember to squeeze your glutes at the end and keep dem damn glutes engaged throughout the movement (;


TIPS: When performing these deadlifts, it is important to keep your core tight and back straight, never over bend your back or lift up with a round back. Keep your shoulders back and tight throughout the movement. Also, lean more backwards than forwards, having weight on heels not toes.

To keep a good form, have the barbell moving close to your body. Going down slowly and a fast stronger movement on the way up.



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