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  • Elena Elviira

10 Habits that changed my life

1. This tip number one is probably the best. Especially if you struggle with overcoming something - a negative feeling, though or habit. Or if you're just stuck with whatever you're going through.

Do you know the feeling when you just can't get rid of a sadness, you just want to stay sad, feel anxious and bad about your life, because it is just easier. You are stuck and just have this overwhelming thought process going on in your head....

To break this obsessive thought or pattern, do something completely weird. Something physical and fun and completely out of normality. Act and move in a way that makes you laugh at yourself. Pretend you are a seal on a dry land. Dance in the most weirdest way. Anything :D

Do this so you come aware of yourself and your surroundings. This will give you a sense of new perspective. Push yourself to do it, no matter how uncomfortable and hard it is at the beginning. But trust me, as stupid as this example is, you will feel better :D

2. Stand up straight and look up with your eyes! (Don't look at the floor when you feel down) This will make you more confident and more sure of yourself. This is a tip l learned from my dear boyfriend. He noticed that l do this quite often whenever l am sad, bloomy or just have a negative thought. He asked me to stand up straight and explain what's wrong. It totally opened my eyes and made me aware of my greatness. Made me feel million times better. I gained my confidence back, just from a simple act of standing up straight. Focus on your posture every day!

3. Take time when you eat. Spend time with the food you're eating, every bite is good & makes you feel more full. Don't distract yourself with TV, work or magazines. Just eat and you'll be more happy and aware of the food you just ate. It will satisfy you physically and mentally for a longer time. It will hugely help you to live a healthier life.

4. Always learn something new, dedicate 10 minutes of your time everyday to listen to a podcast or read a book. Only 10 minutes, and obviously more if you're in the mood.

5. Make good & healthy snacks that are available to you all the time. We usually snack foods that are easy to access (like leftovers, candy, chocolate and probably other unhealthy snacks). These are the foods we later regret. To help with this regret, always have a smoothie or yoghurt ready in your fridge. Or anything that is healthy and easy to grab. Something you like. Learn to have apple as a snack.

Also, we all have the famous snack draw. Listen to this. Clean it up, and in front of the snacks build like a fortress of bananas and apples. Just few is enough. So when you go to check out your snacks, you will more easily choose that apple in front. Cause it is made easy for you. Just grab it and eat it. The choice is made easier for you. It stops you from reaching over and eating that snickers. Trust me.

6. Taking the blame when you're in the wrong in an argument. It can be hard, and hurt your pride, but if you do do it, you can find a softer understanding towards yourself and towards hurtful situations that could otherwise go on forever. You might be surprised how well people react when you admit you were in the wrong. Certain people will find even more respect towards you.

There's nothing wrong about being wrong. Always learn and think, what could you have done better and learnt from the situation. Apologize and remember you're only human growing to be a better person.

7. Phone. This l am huge believer and one of those things that makes the quality of your life million trillion times better.

When you're around others, do not use your phone, not even for a second between silence. You are there for a reason with this person, so challenge yourself a bit more and you can gain a good stimulating conversation with the other person. Live more in the moment, and you'll be happier.

Even when alone, learn to do other stuff than just being on your phone.

8. Stretching - whenever you get bored or watch TV, do some stretching for the first 5 minutes. It's always beneficial for your body to be that much more flexible and it boosts blood flow and may reduce any soreness from tight and stressed muscles.

You don't need to do all these healthy habits at the same time, but you can choose to focus on one habit at a time for two weeks for example, before you move on to the next habit.

9. Try not leaving chores for the next day and have a nice shower at the end of a hectic day, as it atleast makes me feel more relaxed and 'cleansed' from the stresses of the day. This is just a tip, you probably just needed reminding of, as many of you know how nice it makes you feel to take a hot shower after a hard day. Wash your sorrows away and recharge through sleep.

10. Sleep is so important bit of good life. Focus on going to bed at the same time, your emotions and thoughts run a lot more smoothly with good sleep. Here you can read more --> 9 smaller habits that are so super easy to do in your everyday life. So simple you wouldn't believe it!



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